Prince Edward County Food Photography – Wander the Resort

Over the last year, I’ve had amazing photography opportunities in working alongside some talented Chefs and Producers in Prince Edward County. Wander the Resort offered me some seasonal photography collaborations with a winter dinner menu, a spring brunch and their summer shareables menu.

Brunch at Wander is known for it’s buttery pastries, their croque monsieur and vacay worthy cocktails. Mornings in the open concept dinning room are bright, but still cozy so you can wake up slowly. It’s hard not to shoot their interior while you’re here. It’s such a welcoming and bright space.

Wander the Resort Prince Edward County
Wander the Resort Prince Edward County
Wander the Resort Brunch Prince Edward County

Something I really enjoyed while working on this Wander the Resort photography project was their sharables menu. I don’t know about you, but while I’m on vacation I am a snack queen. When you just want to try a little bit of everything to see what pairs best with your afternoon beverage, charcuterie style snacks are the way to go.

Prince Edward County Food Photography
Wander the Resort Prince Edward County
Gather at Wander the Resort

Can’t squeeze in a getaway? Wander also offers their dinning experience to those not staying at the resort. In fact, if you’re reading this close enough to the summer months, you can check out their Beach Club access. This level of access allows you to visit the beach and dine for the day. This feature may be on my bucket list for this summer.

Need a visual menu update? Feel free to reach out via email at or my contact form. See you soon!

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