Introducing: Little Finch Designs by Charlene Daignault-Beatty

I would love for you to meet Charlene of Little Finch Designs.


Well, not only is she one of the most kindest human beings on the planet (and who wouldn’t want to know more of those), but she’s super talented and has created a really great idea for couples to display their wedding day attire artistically.

Little Finch Designs is known for creating watercolour sketches for greeting cards, but more recently Charlene has decided to branch out and create personalized sketches of your wedding dress/suit.  Typically, what you wear on your wedding day can be among one of the largest investments for that day, both in time and in money.  Once the wedding is over, often brides will dryclean and package their dress away forever and the groom will return his suit.  Both outfits that held so much meaning are usually never seen again in person, besides in photos of course….. oooor in a painting.

See, I like Charlene’s idea of capturing just the dress or suit on a hanger in a watercolour painting because my photos capture the moment of you in the dress, but a personalized and detailed watercolour painting shows just the dress or suit, the way you first saw it on the hanger, plus it’s darn cute and makes for great his/hers and hers/his artwork!

Also, paper just happens to be the traditional first anniversary gift and since these paintings are done on 12 x 9 pieces of watercolour paper… I think you know where I’m going with this…

If you are interested in having Little Finch Designs do a commissionned peice for you, check out her Etsy shop here:

Also, here’s a coupon code for the first 15 people who place an order:  LITTLEFINCHWEDDING2014 (Charlene has limited the coupon code to 15 people because she can only handle so many orders at once, so be sure to place your order soon!)

In the meantime, here’s some lovely images of the talented lady at work:

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