Vanderwater Conservation Area, Belleville Ontario Photographer – Tarina & Justin

Don’t let these “green” engagement photos fool you.  I promise they were shot in December, just after Christmas actually, when it was approximately -10 degrees not including the wind chill.  Trust me, my trigger finger still remembers this day.  It may look warm, but it was pretty chilly for a hike through the Vanderwater Conservation Area just north of Belleville, Ontario.  Thankfully, both Tarina & Justin are real super troopers and went along with my ideas despite the cold.  They’re pretty easy going and fun to work with, plus they have great chemistry together which makes me even more excited for their summer wedding at Occasions by the Bay.

If you’ve stumbled across this blog post because you’re researching Occasions by the Bay, then check out my venue review HERE.

In the meantime, here’s some cute moments of Tarina & Justin hanging out at Vanderwater Conservation Area, looking all cozy and warm like the weather didn’t even matter.




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