O’Hara Mill and Roslin Hall Elopement Photography

I’ve been keeping this warm and rustic O’Hara Mill and Roslin Hall Elopement to myself for way too long. While the photos tell the story of a perfect day, it’s Elizabeth & Maury’s insight on their day and relationship that really warms the heart. Hopefully, sharing this giant blog post during a quieter time of year gives you time to really let their words sink in.

Tell Us Your Story / How Did You Meet?

We met in the summer of 2015, on an army course (we are both reservists in the Canadian Armed Forces). We both knew from day one we needed to be together, and although there were many obstacles in our way, we made some major choices to allow or lives to end up working out that way. We both lived in separate provinces (Nova Scotia & Newfoundland) and so Maury took the ferry to NL all the time, and we made it work between our jobs, and when Elizabeth got a job pretty early on in the relationship in Peterborough, Ontario, Maury came with her, and the rest is history! And here we are now married and feathering our little nest together. You have to choose sometimes to take a step back to let the other person take a step forward, but in the end it’s just to be together, and it’s for the best. Don’t second guess yourself if you think you’ve made the right decision.” 

Do You Have Any Wedding Planning Advice for Newly Engaged Couples?

Before you start planning a single thing, enjoy your engagement and take that in. Do not rush into planning or even setting a date. Then when you’re ready, take time together to identify 2 things: 1) what is important to you as a couple, aside from weddings (so for us it was Sunday mornings, coziness, coffee, nature, simplicity). Then you can ensure these things feature strongly in your day. 2) think about the standard wedding, and identify which components are truly important to you. For us it was the ceremony, and immediate family’s presence, and for Elizabeth it was a lace dress and lilac bouquet her mom picked from home, and for Maury, it was a kilt in his family tartan. If you do this, you will save money and stress! Ultimately, we suggest you do what YOU want! Don’t go with a crazy huge budget just to serve people you never see their choice of chicken or fish. Don’t have 100 people there if you don’t want to, and make it what you want to do instead of following someone else’s wedding format. It’s YOUR day, so do it with only yourselves in mind. It should be the one day in your life where you’re entitled to be selfish, we think, and your family in turn will love how “you” the event was.” 

How Did You Choose Your Wedding Photographer?

We loved the fact that Christine uses amazing light techniques, doesn’t over edit pictures, and knows how to keep the focus on the shot. Especially we loved that her “posed” photos still felt so real and authentic, and not stiff and staged. Then, we met her in person, and she was super friendly, outgoing, and more than accommodating. Christine was also very creative with her out-of-the-box ideas. With such intimate shots, we needed a person we both felt comfortable around, and she was totally it. She could have taken 6 months to complete the editing, and it would have been worth it, so the fact she completed everything so promptly is a credit to her skill as a photographer first and foremost and editor second. We are so in love with our photos – thank you Christine! 

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