Oceanstone Seaside Resort, Nova Scotia – Tour & Peggy’s Cove Wedding Rehersal Dinner

These next couple of posts are a bit delayed and are actually from last year’s June wedding in Nova Scotia with Laura & Stephen.  I held off posting these images because I was waiting for Wedding Bells to approve this wedding for publishing – and they did!  Read about it here.

First things first though, I wanted to share some images of the amazing space that Oceanstone Seaside Resort provides.  Of course it was the perfect setting for Laura and Stephen’s wedding, but the Oceanstone also provided the perfect setting for a family lobster bake by the sea to celebrate the rehearsal dinner.  After settling into my quaint little room (Inn Room 3) I was greeted by the most amazing welcome bag made by Laura & Stephen, which was filled with so many homemade goodies – I loved it!  Then I headed to the beach to meet up with the family for the rehearsal dinner / lobster bake.  It was my first lobster bake and the family wasted no time in showing me how to crack some tail followed by screeching me in, cod kissing included!

Once the lobster, screech and cod kissing had finished, we all huddled near a bonfire on the beach to digest and relax while the bride’s grandfather strummed up some tunes.  It was the perfect way to unwind and enjoy family time before the big day!

Bon Appetite!

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