MacKechnie House Bed and Breakfast, Cobourg Wedding Photography – Lauren & James

This year I had the amazing opportunity of shooting Lauren & James’ wedding at the MacKechnie House Bed and Breakfast in Cobourg, Ontario.

If you know me, then you know I hate it when other photographers say “this was my favourite wedding” or “my favourite couple”…. how fair is that to all the other weddings you shot?!  It’s not, but I will say photographers are allowed to have their favourite venues and hands down the MacKechnie House in Cobourg made my short list of favourite local venues.

The internet tells me this house was owned by the former Mayor of Cobourg in 1853, but in terms of location it certainly doesn’t feel like the typical home of a Mayor.  Instead it’s tucked away on a quiet street and is the perfect setting for an intimate wedding.

…and the food!  As a foodie I really shouldn’t get started, but honestly it’s downright delicious and the smells of dinner (I assume it was the pulled pork, or maybe the chicken soulvaki…then again likely the beef tenderloin) from the kitchen fill the backyard during cocktail hour, while mini hamburgers and summer fresh hor d’oeuvres are being served.  Yes, it’s as cute as you think it is.

I will fully admit that Lauren and James deserve full credit in introducing me to this venue, with their Canadian / British country garden themed wedding.  The light was so perfect and the details so delicious that I would LOVE for it to happen all over again.

If you’re still not sold, check out these photos from their day and then check out the glowing reviews on Trip Advisor HERE.

A little story about this couple that I would also love to share before we get started:

As you will soon see, Lauren and James decided on a first look.  Just when I was about to take their first photo as a couple, James looked over at Lauren and said “You know, it’s crazy to know that this photo being taken, right now, is the photo we’ll show our grand children.”  Then he kissed her.



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