Lake on the Mountain Resort Wedding – Prince Edward County

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been sitting on this Lake on the Mountain Resort wedding in Prince Edward County since last August. I have no reason why, but I’m pretty darn excited to share it now! Before we get to all the pretty photos, let’s touch on a quick topic or two.

Why Should We Get Married in Prince Edward County?

Prince Edward County is becoming an Ontario destination wedding location for those looking to escape the city and potential drama of a large wedding. This island on Lake Ontario provides a variety of venues and cottages to accommodate the vibe you’re looking for on the big day. It also turns your event into a celebratory weekend getaway with trips to the beach, wineries or the delicious local food scene. The wedding day ends up being a part of a weekend away with friends and family, rather than a one-day event.

Tips to Planning your Prince Edward County Wedding / Elopement

Here’s a quick few tips to consider while planning your wedding / elopement in Prince Edward County:

Hire Local Vendors: We are a seasonal community and appreciate you using our talents to make your day special. Plus, we know all the fun spots for photos, places to explore, eat and have a few tricks that vendors outside The County wouldn’t know.

Use the Telephone: Prince Edward County wasn’t always popular and the influx of inquiries is new to the community. Don’t be discouraged if you’re favourite venue or vendor doesn’t respond quickly to online inquiries. A lot of the locals have limited internet speeds / are slow to respond. Also some locations are “old school” appreciate the personal touch of a telephone.

Less is More: The County has a lot to offer in terms of charm. Your wedding doesn’t need all the bells and whistles you think it might, so save your money and spend it on the local wine for your guests instead. If you need a little something extra, the local florists are always happy to fill in the blanks.

Today’s blog features Cynthia and David’s wedding at Lake on the Mountain, which was all planned from their home base in Toronto. They followed the above tips and their day was a beautiful success! (vendors are listed below)

Special Thanks to these Talented Folks:
Catering: Jack the Happy Chef –
Officiant: All Seasons Weddings –
Flowers: Blooms on West Lake –
Venue: Lake on the Mountain Resort –
Photography: Christine Reid Photography –

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