Lake on the Mountain Resort, Prince Edward County Wedding

Lake on the Mountain has always been a special spot for me. The lake is a natural curiosity because of it’s ability to have a constant flow of clean, fresh water, with no apparent source. It’s also 60 metres above Lake Ontario with views of the Bay of Quinte an the Glenora Ferry.

On the shores of this lake is the Lake on the Mountain Resort, a perfect little getaway spot to escape, get married, eat delicious food or all of the above, and that’s exactly what Will & Kirsten did.

Their day started with getting ready at the House Across the Road. Not only is the house quite literally across the road from the Resort, there’s enough room in the house for both the bride and groom to get ready for their big day and not see each other, so it’s perfect!

Once they were ready, they opted for a First Look before the ceremony so they could spend more time after the ceremony enjoying the cocktail hour with their family and friends. We decided to do most of their photos before the ceremony, and then sneak off after dinner / before sunset for photos on the dock.

Before I get to those photos, there’s just a couple more ideas that made their day a little extra special:

  1. They didn’t have a large wedding party, so they had their ENTIRE family walk down the aisle led by their Officiant to start the ceremony. I thought that was a nice way to open up the celebration.
  2. The served BBQ for dinner! There was fresh corn, brisket, BBQ chicken, you name it! Followed by homemade pies for dessert. It really added to the laid back vibe of the day and complimented the backyard feel of the venue. We served ribs at our own wedding, so naturally I was eager to document this!
  3. Just a quick shout out to the lovely and talented Laura Fenny who helped me capture the couple getting ready that day. Having a second shooter for part of the day is a nice way to “clone” myself.

Now that you know more about the day and how the couple made sure their personalities were included into the day, here are the photos to inspire some ideas for own event / upcoming wedding, and if you’re going to serve BBQ at your wedding you know where to find me….

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