Happy 1st Birthday Maya (Our Dogo Argentino)!

Dear Maya,

I know you can’t read this and have NO idea what the Internet is, but I wanted to share our story anyway.

You came into our life 8.5 months ago, you were already 3.5 months old and looking for a place to call home.  Shaun and I were looking for a Dogo Argentino for over a year.  As soon as I saw you, I knew you would be a great fit!  You were independent, spunky and reminded me of myself.  We had to convince Shaun that you belonged with us, but it didn’t long for you to make him smile too.

The first night we brought you home, there was a loud thunderstorm.  I slept beside you, thinking you might be scared.  Thing is, you’re the toughest girl I know and snored through the storm like it was nothing.

The next day, you tried to eat the area rug.  I scolded you once and only once, and you never ever did it again.  You were extremely upset that I yelled at you and went straight to bed.  After about 20 minutes of a self appointed “time out”, you came to me and asked to cuddle.

You always want to cuddle.  I love that about you.

The day I let you sit on the back deck and watch strangers go by, you growled at them.  You’re little hairs on the back of your neck would stand up and you growled harder, but as soon as you came inside, you wanted to cuddle.  You’re the perfect watch dog.

If you had an accident it was always on the bathroom floor and it was usually my fault for not taking you out right when you asked.

You were spayed a month after your ears were cropped and you didn’t mind at all.  You were cool with the ear posting process and to this day you LOVE having your ears rubbed.

You LOVE mornings!  In fact when we wake up (or when you wake us up at 5:30am) you “smile”.  You “smile” at me when I come home after a long day, or if I get you a new collar and compliment you on it.

We feel very fortunate to have met your breeder, Wayne Dibbley, and hope that one day we can get you a friend to play with.  In the meantime, we hope you love living in the country and hanging with your crazy parents.

Happy Birthday Maya!

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