What to Wear to Your Engagement Photo Session

Fact: I’m not afraid to get a dirty to take your photos. If you tell me you would like photos by the water, chances are I’m getting my feet wet. If you tell me you want photos done at your family farm, I’m probably wearing rubber boots and ready to get muddy.

But What Should YOU Wear to Your Engagement Session?

Wear something comfortable, but makes you feel confident. It’s okay to pick up some new threads for the session, just make sure you’re not tugging at it to make it fit where or how it should. Also, try to avoid clothing with large logos or distracting designs. Patterns are totally okay! I’m a huge sucker for anything plaid and floral prints can totally work when paired with something neutral. Don’t be afraid to layer or accessorize, especially in the fall. Things like jackets, scarves, sweaters or mixing textures can be fun!

It’s important to think of the location too. If we’re working on a rocky beach, heels are probably a bad idea. If we’re on your family farm (like the engagement session posted below), then totally pack your rubber boots or Blundstones and get ready to off-road. There is also a chance we might be sitting down. I usually pack a blanket, but it’s no good if you’re pants are too tight to sit on the ground cross-legged.

Lastly, be yourself. Don’t wear something that you’re going to look at later and cringe because it’s not something you’ll ever wear again. These photos are more than just a formality. They are meant to capture your relationship as it is now, so you can look back and remember how you were when this new chapter was about to start.

I’m going to use Jackie & Kyle’s engagement session below as an example of keeping it real. These guys dressed comfortably, and included elements that says a lot about who they are as a couple, like their cute pup, lilacs and some fun four-wheeling…. (and I cannot wait to see again for their farm wedding this fall!)