Drake Devonshire Wedding Photography, Prince Edward County

While it’s gaining popularity with tourists and their beach-front makes for perfect wedding photography opportunities, it’s the Drake Devonshire’s side garden and Glass Box that I love for intimate weddings. It’s a quiet space and perfect for celebrating with your closest family and friends. Before we get to the photos, let’s learn a little about the couple that chose this space to celebrate their wedding day.

1.  Tell me your story / How did you meet?

 “We met in a coffee shop in 2011, it’s not the most romantic story.

2.  What was your favourite moment from your wedding day?

I loved when they brought family members upstairs before the ceremony, I was feeling a bit anxious at that point and it was both lovely to have moments with them before everything started and a distraction from how nervous I was feeling.

3.  Do you have any wedding planning advice for newly engaged couples?

I think it is important to sit down and have an honest conversation about what both of you want and expect from the day. When we started planning we sat down and discussed how much we wanted to spend, what type of wedding we both wanted, and we also made clear what aspects of the day were important to us individually. So once we’d established these basics it made making the big decisions a lot simpler because we were both on the same page from the beginning.

4.  How did you choose your wedding photographer?

We looked through portfolios online and found photographers that had the style of photographs we were looking for. You should make sure that whoever you decide to go with is someone who’s work you actually like.

5. List of vendors who helped make this day come together:

Coriander Girl “The flowers were perfect, we didn’t have any other decorations so it was important to get those right and the blooms on the tables smelled amazing

The Spah/The SalonTook care of hair and makeup for the day, their team did a great job

Runway Bridal – For THE dress.

The Drake Devonshire – “They did a fantastic job, they took care of everything, and everything went perfectly. Most brides have a story about something that went horribly off the rails, the staff at the Drake made sure that didn’t happen.

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