Cinco de Mayo Supermoon 2012

This May 5, 2012 brought us the Supermoon.  I was lucky to grab a quick snap of it.

What’s the Supermoon?

In fact, May 2012 presents the moons closest encounter with Earth since March 19, 2011, at which time the moon was a scant 380 kilometers closer to Earth. The moon wont come as close as tonight’s extra-close moon until August 10, 2014 although in 2013 the moon at its closest (June 23, 2013) will lie only 36 kilometers farther away than the closest moon in 2012.  Maybe this helps you see that supermoon while interesting are fairly routine astronomical events.” (

Apparently, the closest moon of the 21st Century will be on December 6, 2052.  I’ll be 69 years old then and you better believe I’ll be out there taking photos of that moon too… soooo…stay tuned? 😉

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