Berkeley Field House Wedding Photography – Leah & Clay

This past March I had the amazing pleasure of second shooting with Ian Liwanag again.  Every time I shoot with this man, I learn something new about my style.  Ian is a creative genius and he often allows me to get the shot while at the same time letting me work my creative juices.  I love it!  I think every full time photographer should second shoot when they can, because it lets me practice my creative side more during the wedding day.

Now, this isn’t to say I goof off and play with crazy ideas, while stepping on toes… no no no…

On the contrary!  A wedding is serious business and I’ve been able to find a great teammate with Ian in that we work well together during the day.  While he’s getting “the shot”, I’ll see another creative angle and yell it out to him and he’ll get all excited and say something like “oooooh this is why I keep you around” – it’s pretty awesome how much he strokes my ego when we’re together, but the truth is…

He’s done the same for me when he second shoots at my weddings.  That’s what makes us a great time!  If you’ve booked me for your wedding and I say Ian’s coming… Get Excited, because a lot of fun and creative shots are about to happen!

I cannot take credit for booking this awesome couple, but I do really dig the images I took of Leah & Clay while at the Berkeley Field House.  I hope you do too!