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Prince Edward County Ontario Wedding at Crystal Palace

Now that my season has calmed down, I can update my website with all the fun and beautiful memories I had the pleasure of capturing this year, including this Prince Edward County wedding at Crystal Palace.

Here’s what Brianna & Troy had to say about their big day:

1.  Tell me your story / How did you meet?

Troy and I met in high school when my (Brianna) family moved to Prince Edward County. We were both in grade 11, but didn’t become friends until grade 12. It was at the end of grade 12 when we started officially dating. We spent the summer getting to know each other, and then were both off to Queen’s University to start our post secondary education. We were both in busy programs (nursing and engineering) but we ensured to prioritize our relationship. In third year, we got engaged! We were engaged 17 months before getting married on May 5th, 2018. We got married, moved cities, and graduated all in the same month!!

2.  What was your favourite moment from your wedding day?

“When we reflect on our wedding day, it truly was the best day of our life. There were so many moments that were absolutely perfect! But one of our favorites is the dance. There was no more worry about having to make a speech, or not spilling food on my dress, we just got to dance with all of our best friends and family. It was the perfect ending to such a fun day!”

3.  Do you have any wedding planning advice for newly engaged couples?

“Wedding planning at times was very stressful, as we were balancing wedding planning with finishing off our schooling. One thing looking back is I wish I would’ve enjoyed the moment more. I was so excited to get married that at times I wished time would go faster. Now looking back, I wish I would have enjoyed the moment more and not focused so much on our wedding count down (even though that is very hard to do!) Also, being organized is key. Troy and I used Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets to make sure we were both on the same page with the wedding planning. We also made sure that each vendor was on the same page by giving them wedding day schedules, and emailing them all the week before to go over any last minute details. Being organized is the best way to stay on top of wedding planning.”

4.  How did you choose your wedding photographer?

“We could not have asked for a better photographer. Christine made us feel so comfortable right from the very first meeting. She is talented, and it was so stress free for us knowing that she had it all under control. She ensured that she was in communication with us about what photos we wanted, and then surpassed all of our desires. When we got our photos back it was like we were re living the day. We were looking for a photographer that had experience, specifically with doing weddings. We made sure to look at the other weddings she had shot. We liked her style, and how she was able to capture pictures that were not necessarily posed. We are so blessed with photos that we absolutely love and are so excited to share with all of our family and friends.”

5. A list of all your vendors / people you will want to give credit to.

We had the best day, and it would not have been possible without all the people that helped make it all come together. Here is a list of vendors that we STRONGLY recommend!

Venue:  The Crystal Palace in Picton, Ontario

Caterer:  Jack the Happy Chef 

DJ – Jason Ferguson:  Definitive Entertainment Productions

Cupcakes:  Iced Cupcakery

Videographer:  Laura Fenny Photography – Brianna & Troy’s Video – https://vimeo.com/274566658

Hair & Makeup – Polish Salon & Spa

Decorator:  Little River Vintage Rentals

Special shout out to my second photographer, Holly McMurter for all her beautiful candid shots and working with the guys that morning.

Prince Edward County Wedding at Trail Estates Winery

This Prince Edward County wedding at Trail Estates Winery is something really special because it reminds me of my own.  Marlisa and Calvin got married on a Thursday, surrounded by a small group of those closest to them.  Fresh flowers were hand picked for the bouquet, they planted a lemon tree during their ceremony, had it watered by everyone in attendance, and then ate ribs and snacked on some of the best caramel corn I’ve ever tasted, all done by the hands of their family and friends.  I’m not sure you could ask for a better afternoon, or a more simple, but elegant event to signify such a special day.

Here’s a few notes on what they thought about their day:

1.  Tell me your story / How did you meet?

“We met in a grimy basement masquerading as a bar in a restaurant- it was a job interview.  It was a skeptical hire that quickly evolved into an unprofessional love connection that, despite best efforts, could not be ignored. “

2.  What was your favourite moment from your wedding day?

Calvin: Mar walking down the aisle
Marlisa: Eating ribs
Both: The tree planting ceremony

3.  Do you have any wedding planning advice for newly engaged couples?

Elope… haha.. or keep it small, simple and fun.

4.  How did you choose your wedding photographer?

We were just impressed with her work on social media and thought we would give her a try- we could not be happier we did.

5. A list of all your vendors / people you will want to give credit to.

We would like to thank:

Trail Estates for hosting us.  Our parents for cooking for everyone and all our family and friends who helped pull our perfect day off.  Special mention to Lily’s Bridal Boutique for helping Marlisa with her beautiful Mon Cheri dress.


The Eddie Hotel and Farm, Prince Edward County Ontario Wedding Photography – Sara & Alex

It’s no secret that The Eddie Hotel and Farm (formerly known as: Fields on West Lake) is one my favourite wedding venues in Prince Edward County, so when Sara & Alex reached out all the way from Calgary and asked me to photograph their wedding day, I was pretty excited!

While the weather on that September day would be risky at best, it didn’t matter to this couple and we rocked their first look before the ceremony and some epic portraits against the windy corn fields.  We also manged to get their family photos done before the ceremony too!  However, because the skies were threatening rain (see photos), it did mean their plans for an outdoor ceremony would be changed to the Sheep Shed.  While the name: “Sheep Shed” sounds more than a little…. rustic, it’s actually quite cozy and serves as a great alternative if it rains at The Eddie.  This time, it actually ended with me capturing one of my favourite aisle exits of all time and the smiles on Sara & Alex’s face says it all.

Another fun and tasty highlight of the day was working with Jack the Happy Chef.  The food is always delicious (hello shredded chicken taco bar!), the service is speedy (food stations set up around the room is a brilliant option for this venue) and Jack is always present to make sure things are running smoothly.

As the day started to wind down and sun was setting, we took a quick moment to sneak away for some photos in the field – something I recommend all couples do, if time allows for it.  You’ll thank me later….

P.S.  I promise to blog more frequently…

Fields on West Lake, Prince Edward County, Ontario

Sandbanks Prince Edward County Beach Fall Engagement Photography – Brianna & Troy

When we first planned our fall beach engagement session at the Sandbanks in Prince Edward County, Brianna & Troy were excited about the idea of scarves and boots on the beach, but September had other plans and gave us 26 degree beach weather instead.  The good news is that the summer beach crowds had left and the warm September afternoon sun gave us the most beautiful light to work with.

To keep with the idea of a fall engagement session, we stayed away from the water and played “off-road” in the tall grasses and tree lined paths.  We also played up the beach idea with bare feet and Brianna’s cute denim sundress.  I feel like it was the perfect combination and balance of summer meets fall.

This beautiful couple plans to start their new chapter as husband and wife in May and I cannot wait to work with them again as they celebrate at the Crystal Palace in Picton.


Mount Nemo Rock Climbing Engagement – Burlington, Ontario – Erica & Trevor

I’m not sure how I missed sharing this Mount Nemo rock climbing engagement session from last July with Erica & Trevor, but as I started planning for 2018 I looked back at some of my favourite sessions and this one has me begging to shoot more just like it!

When I first met Erica & Trevor, they were just starting to plan for their Prince Edward County wedding.  As we got to talking, it came out that they love the outdoors and are experienced rock climbers, which triggered a light bulb moment and I had to suggest we do that for their engagement session.  I mean, what better way to get to know them before their wedding day AND get them some great shots of them doing what they love.

Which brings me to the following topic:

How Do You Choose an Engagement Session Location?

When choosing a location for your engagement session, think about what you two actually enjoy doing as a couple.  Is there somewhere special that means something to you or are you simply looking for a photogenic backdrop where you can just ‘be’ together?  If you brainstorm and put in that extra little effort into your own engagement session, the results will end up meaning so much more to you.  Don’t just schedule an engagement session because someone told you to have one.  Instead, take advantage of it!  Let me get to know you and let’s do something fun!  That way, you’ll get to know me / how I work behind the camera AND you can look back at the photos and see genuine smiles, memories and moments captured.

We chose Mount Nemo not only for it’s spectacular views, but it also meant something them.  They were completely in their element and were kind enough to let me in.  I really hope this post inspires other couples to consider something similar, and if so… message me?

Cheers to exploring to create!

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