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Waupoos Winery Wedding Photography, Prince Edward County

I finally found some time to blog this Prince Edward County wedding at Waupoos Estates Winery! Truth be told, I’ve had a heck of a time trying to choose which photos to share, because sometimes the stars align on a wedding day and Mother Nature gives you perfect lighting, and every photo is worth sharing. It helps that Liz & Matthew are beautiful people inside and out too. Speaking of these newlyweds, they have been so kind to share some wedding planning ideas and advice with you! Their day was flawless, so it might be worth reading their notes:

1. Tell me your story / How did you meet?

Once upon a time in the far lands of the Afghan desert, two individuals crossed paths when their stars aligned. It was not love at first sight but became something beautiful over time. After many nights of teasing we built a strong foundation for a friendship that later supported an ever-growing relationship.

2. What was your favourite moment from your wedding day?

Bride: After the ceremony was over, the recessional walk down the aisle was my favourite part. The stress of planning was finally over, I married a great guy and there was nothing ahead but a great celebration with family and friends. The Boney-M Rasputin song playing in the background added to the atmosphere, while Christine was able to capture moments of pure happiness and a little bit of relief!

Groom: First look, after chugging a Corona to calm my nerves while waiting to see my future wife for the first time in her wedding dress. I remember this being my favourite moment since it was the only time of the day where it was just the two of us. Being able to take in her beauty and embrace what was about to happen was the best feeling.

3. Do you have any wedding planning advice for newly engaged couples?

Don’t hesitate or think twice, remember it is your special day and nobody else’s. So be true to each other and work as a team to make all your wishes come true. Don’t get caught up with everyone around you, just let things play out and keep enjoying the moment because it all happens in a flash. If you are able to take a week off before the wedding to reduce the stress before the big day, do so.

4. How did you choose your wedding photographer?

We spotted Christine on social media and loved her work that stood out from everyone else’s. Her photos were full of light and candid moments, which is exactly what we were looking for. Her sense of humour and bubbly personality kept us smiling during our cool 7-degree photo shoot!

List of vendors to help inspire:

Bride’s dress: Pronovias from La Maison Bridal (Ottawa, ON)

Hair: Slate Studio (Kingston, ON)

Groom’s Suit: The Kooples (Spain)

Bow Tie: Guillotine Bow Ties (Montreal, QC)

Flowers: Mood Moss Flowers (Ottawa, ON)

Cake: Thimble Cakes (Ottawa, ON)

Party Favours (Llama cookies): Sweet Shop Cakes (Ottawa, ON)

Catering: Waupoos Winery (Picton, ON)

DJ: Carlos from Future Vibes Entertainment (Toronto, ON)

Lake on the Mountain Resort, Prince Edward County Wedding

Lake on the Mountain has always been a special spot for me. The lake is a natural curiosity because of it’s ability to have a constant flow of clean, fresh water, with no apparent source. It’s also 60 metres above Lake Ontario with views of the Bay of Quinte an the Glenora Ferry.

On the shores of this lake is the Lake on the Mountain Resort, a perfect little getaway spot to escape, get married, eat delicious food or all of the above, and that’s exactly what Will & Kirsten did.

Their day started with getting ready at the House Across the Road. Not only is the house quite literally across the road from the Resort, there’s enough room in the house for both the bride and groom to get ready for their big day and not see each other, so it’s perfect!

Once they were ready, they opted for a First Look before the ceremony so they could spend more time after the ceremony enjoying the cocktail hour with their family and friends. We decided to do most of their photos before the ceremony, and then sneak off after dinner / before sunset for photos on the dock.

Before I get to those photos, there’s just a couple more ideas that made their day a little extra special:

  1. They didn’t have a large wedding party, so they had their ENTIRE family walk down the aisle led by their Officiant to start the ceremony. I thought that was a nice way to open up the celebration.
  2. The served BBQ for dinner! There was fresh corn, brisket, BBQ chicken, you name it! Followed by homemade pies for dessert. It really added to the laid back vibe of the day and complimented the backyard feel of the venue. We served ribs at our own wedding, so naturally I was eager to document this!
  3. Just a quick shout out to the lovely and talented Laura Fenny who helped me capture the couple getting ready that day. Having a second shooter for part of the day is a nice way to “clone” myself.

Now that you know more about the day and how the couple made sure their personalities were included into the day, here are the photos to inspire some ideas for own event / upcoming wedding, and if you’re going to serve BBQ at your wedding you know where to find me….

Drake Devonshire Prince Edward County Wedding – Jaime & Dave

Confession:  I love visiting the Drake Devonshire in Prince Edward County for both work and play.  The Drake is equal parts delicious and photogenic, making it the perfect office and escape for me.  When friends come to town, there is no question which patio is at the top of our list.

I met Jaime while she x-rayed and cleaned my teeth.  We got to chatting, actually she chatted and I nodded a lot, and we soon realized that our wedding ideas were in line and a collaboration had to happen.

This beautiful couple met while being in the same wedding party and it all started with a dance.  Fast forward 6 years later and they’ve planned a beautiful intimate afternoon with family to celebrate their marriage.  The wedding took place at the side patio, which is alot quieter than the waterfront location, followed by cocktails and then a private plated multi-course meal inside the decorated Glass Box.

It was perfection!  We had the best weather, the entire beach to ourselves for photos and the food was beautifully plated making this quiet intimate wedding feel that more special.

Special thanks to Runway Bridal for helping Jaime find the perfect dress for her big day, and Gayle Wilcox for her stunning makeup application.

Waupoos Estates Winery Wedding, Prince Edward County – Jenny & Joey

Before we dive into this Waupoos Estates Winery wedding, you should know I’m slowly starting to pull myself out from under the pile of food I’ve been hiding under over Christmas, and I’ve crawled back into my office to review all the hard work we created last year, so expect all kinds of fun new content in the coming weeks!

Alright, let’s start with Jenny & Joey’s Waupoos Estates Winery wedding. It was a day filled with so many fun candid moments, warm July sunshine and oysters, oh! so many oysters!

I “met” Jenny & Joey as I meet most of my clients, through my online contact form (Did I just link my own contact form?? You bet your biscuits I did!). Anyway! It was Joe who initially reached out, and before I knew it we were setting up a time to meet for a pint at their Prince Edward County venue. When we met, they were easy going and relaxed, which is my kind of speed.

On THE big day, we started with getting ready at the Farm House across the street (super handy if you’re getting married here, by the way), followed by a first look and then drinks and high-fives with close friends and family. It was important to them that we capture all the candid fun instead of spending time posing photos, and I’m so glad we did because it was very them.

Alright then, while you enjoy these photos that may inspire something fun for your own day, I’m going to treat myself to one last Christmas cookie, and then I promise to wean myself…….till next Christmas….

Prince Edward County Ontario Engagement Photography

I’m just going to leave this Prince Edward County Ontario engagement session right here.  Maybe it will inspire some more couples to explore the quieter places of the county with me this summer, like Lysang & John did last July.

Also, a quick little shout out to Devil’s Wishbone for hosting the first half of our session.  I’m not a rose wine gal by nature, but last year I visited them often to restock.  Fingers crossed this year is just as refreshing!

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