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Inn on the Twenty / Cave Springs Cellars, Niagara Winery Engagement Photography – Meghan & Allan

The Inn on the Twenty is one of those venues that holds a special meaning for me.  It’s been the “unicorn venue” for me for a long time – that means I’ve always wanted to shoot there, but never had the opportunity till Meghan & Allan asked me to capture their engagement photos there last fall and then again with their wedding later this year (yay!)

I remember when I first started shooting weddings 9 years ago (whoa, really?  Really!), outdoor winery weddings seemed so inspirational and the Inn on the Twenty / Cave Springs was one of those places I thought I would really like to be.  Fast forward 9 years later:  I now live near Prince Edward County (the gastronomic capital of Ontario) and I have the pleasure of working with some beautifully located winery venues throughout my wedding season, but in the back of mind, Inn on the Twenty always sat on my bucket list, while I sipped on the occasional Cave Springs Dry Riesling all summer (yes I seriously linked it – it’s delicious, go try it!)

Anyway, this awesome couple also brought their adorable puppy with them and we had the most amazing afternoon playing in the vines against the fall colours, it was honestly a dream.  I cannot wait to visit this venue again to capture what is sure to be an equally beautiful wedding day for these two photogenic people.




Waupoos Estates Winery, Prince Edward County Wedding Photography – Ian & Stephanie

Ian & Stephanie’s wedding at The Waupoos Estates Winery in Prince Edward County was perfect!  Yes, it was cloudy and yes it rained, but that didn’t matter to them and if you ask me, the weather only made the colours pop more than usual and made it that much more beautiful to photograph.  Plus it forced us to get creative with the front porch of the farm house.

We started the day with Ian getting ready in Picton at the Claramont Inn (Room 2 in case you’re wondering).  I’ve never been here before, but it was a great spot for the guys (and best lady) to get ready.  After making sure the guys got their ties on straight, I headed to the Waupoos Farm House to see how the girls were getting along – yet another venue with tons of character to play with.

Something that’s new at Waupoos this year was their covered area attached to the tent.  It’s a decent alternative to the waterfront dock setup should it rain.

I hope you enjoy these photos and it inspires some couples to ignore the rain like Ian & Stephanie did.


By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery & Vineyard Prince Edward County Wedding – Jessica & Dale

Prince Edward County is one of those places in Ontario where no matter how many times your visit, you still find something new to experience.  So many people believe they can do “The County” in a day, or even in a weekend…. Well, after living here for 3 years and travelling nearly all 1,050 square kms of that island more times than I can count, I can tell you there are STILL places I haven’t seen, tasted or dined at.

This year, one of those new places for me to bring my camera to was By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery & Vineyard just outside of Wellington.  It’s a lovely little winery (which is for sale by the way!), with it’s own farm house, barn and apple house (used as their tasty room).

I first met Jessica & Dale here and their vision for their wedding was something I could appreciate: 16 of their closest family and friends, married on the back deck of the apple house, overlooking the vineyard at sunset, drinking wine.  The lovely Dawn Quantrell officiated the intimate ceremony, which included pouring two bottles of wine into a decanter and re-pouring it into each guests’ glass to signify unity.  It’s a dream really….(and you guessed it, also helped inspire my own wedding day).  Making the day as personal as possible is what a wedding is really all about.

After the sun set and the photos were done, they gathered together in the farm house for a catered dinner where I took my leave, but not before taking one of my favourite moon-rise photos ever.

I hope you enjoy some of these glowy vineyard wedding moments with this beautiful couple, and if you’re planning an intimate wedding in Prince Edward County, do not hesitate to check this venue out (tip: September is a lovely time of year to get married there).




Lake on the Mountain Resort, Prince Edward County Wedding Photography – Melissa & Kevin

This Lake on the Mountain Resort wedding in Prince Edward County, Ontario also played a part inspiring my own wedding day.  It was so lovely and refreshing to spend the day by the water, surrounded by deliciously smelling food, and good tunes.  It felt like a lakeside backyard BBQ, but with updos and suits and I loved it so much that we decided to have a similar vibe for our own day.

Melissa & Kevin both got ready at the House Across the Road – yes, it is actually called that!  You can check out the house HERE.  It was the perfect setup really, since the boys got ready upstairs while Melissa got ready and dressed in a dress handmade by her Godmother.  I loved shooting in this old farm house with all it’s natural light and open space – making it easy for the couple to not cross paths before the ceremony.

Their ceremony was beside the Lake on the Mountain, which is a lake found 62 metres above Lake Ontario fed by fresh water and defies geological theories, so it’s interesting for more than just the view.  It’s a really sweet spot and despite the dry (see: crazy hot!) summer had, the lake and the large willow tree provided a beautiful backdrop, helping us ignore the dead grass.

After the ceremony officiated by Brenda Hamilton and some formal photos with the wedding party, I gave the newlyweds some time to enjoy their cocktail hour while I grabbed some detail shots of the delicious smelling food catered by the ever cheerful Jack the Happy Chef.  This guy is both talented in the kitchen and on the microphone.  After serving up a tasty buffet style dinner complete with sirloin, potatoes, chicken wings, seared maple salmon and a plethora of summer salads, he serenaded the couple with a quirky little tune about love.  Then he served up some of the best homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie I have ever tasted.  It was literally summer in a pie crust!

Once our bellies were full, Melissa and Kevin reminded me that they met while in a rowing club – so naturally, we had to incorporate the giant oars into their photos at sunset on the dock.  Then Melissa surprised me with wardrobe change into her party skirt, which also allowed her to get into the water for some of my favourite sunset photos – I love when couples are willing to skip off the beaten path like that, it makes my camera happy.

I hope their day and these images help inspire future couples to explore the idea of an Ontario destination wedding.