Royal Military College Wedding, Kingston – Heather & Matt

I loved Heather & Matt’s Royal Military College fall wedding!  It was my first time being able to use the City of Kingston as my backdrop and we could pretty much go anywhere because the light was that perfect cloudy filtered light that makes the colours pop and eyes less squinty – my favourite kind of day to work with (next to the golden hour of course).  Some photographers will disagree, but I really dig it.

While the girls got ready in the country (be sure to check out the back of Heather’s dress – one of my favourite details of the day), the boys had a cozy room at The Hochelaga Inn just down the street from Chalmers United Church, where they would walk to for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we walked down the street for some… ok LOTS of photos on the steps of the Kingston Court House, then we decided to warm up with a quick pint (or two) at The Merchant Tap House.

Something you should know about me and how I work:  I’m a big fan of couples taking a “time out” on their wedding day to enjoy a moment of unscripted fun.  Sure there is a schedule in place, but during that hour or so that we’re together for photos, I’ll encourage you to take a walk, breathe, talk, grab a snack, or even a pint.  It’s supposed to be a fun day and not everything has to be scheduled to the minute – besides, it makes for some great memories of the day and eases the stress of having people grabbing at you all day.

I’m so glad Heather & Matt asked me to capture their day and I hope your inspired by their photos to plan a day as fun as theirs was.



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