Steam Whistle Brewing Roundhouse Wedding Photography – Athena & Mark

I’ve adored working with Athena & Mark over the last year or so and the highlight of our photo-collaboration happened this past spring with their Greek Wedding at Greek Orthodox Cathedral Annunciation Of The Virgin Mary Church and reception at Steam Whistle Brewing, which was just named one of Toronto’s Top Wedding Venue’s by the Weddingful Blog (Congratulations Steam Whistle!)

I’ve shot 3 Greek Weddings at the Virgin Mary now, and I have to say it’s unlike ANY ceremony I’ve ever photographed.  Contrary to what most churches expect from a wedding photographer, this church will expect and in fact, INVITE you to stand along the alter with the wedding party and couple to get the photos of the ceremony.  This is why my eyes squint and my eyebrows narrow when another Priest will suggest it is “standard practice” to NOT have the photographer near the alter.  Every religion, church and Priest seem to have to their own set of rules and expectations for us photographers… but that’s another topic for another day.  I will say The Virgin Mary is a lovely place to shoot and Greek Weddings are quickly becoming one of my favourite kind of ceremonies.  Not just because I have the freedom to shoot as I please in beautiful light, but these ceremonies include so many firsts for the newlywed couple before they quickly leave out the front steps of the church:  They have their first meal, walk, kiss and group family photo all within the church and I like that I’m there to capture those things.

Once we wrapped up the giant group photo at the steps on the church, Athena & Mark headed to Steam Whistle Brewing in their snazzy orange McLaren for some fun wedding photos and despite the cloudy day, the wedding party was on board with whatever Amy Foster (my lovely second shooter for the day) and I had up our sleeves!  Once the photos were done, there was beer, dinner and plenty of Greek dancing to be had!

Speaking of Amy Foster – thanks for this behind the scenes shot of me multitasking as both wedding photographer & umbrella holder:


This was my first time shooting at the Steam Whistle Brewery and I have to agree with the Weddingful Blog, it really is one of Toronto’s Top 10 places to celebrate!




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