Wedding Ring Photography

As I was flipping through last year’s wedding photos I came across one of my favourite wedding ring photos and something occurred to me:

“It’s true, I don’t have the face of a criminal”

No, no just kidding! …well not really… in fact, I have a horrible Poker face and I could never sell ice to an Eskimo, but that’s besides the point.  In fact, what I was really thinking:

“Gosh, my clients trust me with so much more than their photos.”

I’ve never experienced the pleasure of planning a wedding…. yet.  But I can just imagine what each couple goes through:  meet this vendor, that vendor, this venue, that venue x 10.  Surely after a while you’re feeling completely overwhelmed and not sure which decision is the right one.  After all, it all comes down to talent vs. budget vs. trust and how on earth do you trust a stranger with the biggest day of your life!?

Right before I took the image posted below, I asked the bride and groom towards the end of the evening if could borrow their rings.  Without question they handed them over and while they continued dancing, I took these rings over to the candy table they had set up, found some inspiration and voila! We have a super cute detailed photo of their new bling.

I couldn’t have done this without their trust and for that, I am truly thankful.  Not just because I was able to get a fun image, but it means more that they recognize me as a trust worthy professional.  I’m not saying this stuff to over-glorify myself, I’m saying this because I want future couples and clients to ask themselves: Do I trust my vendors that much that I would willingly hand over my wedding rings?



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