Happy New Year! …oh and P.S.

I thought I would start 2014 off with some exciting news:

We’re Moving!!

As some of you may know, Shaun and I have been living in a little 1 bedroom beach house (aka: The Shack on the Lak) for some time now on Lake Huron in Kincardine, Ontario.  We love it here.  The sunsets are spectacular, the town is cute and our neighbours are probably the best we will ever have.

It has essentially become a little bubble for us to retreat to and we feel like we’re in our own little world here.


We have outgrown this place and it’s time to move somewhere with more opportunity.  The Shack on the Lak does, after all, have only 1 closet.  Yes, you read that right!

So, we’re moving to a little-bigger house in the country just north of Belleville, Ontario.


It’s been an amazing 2013, filled with so many great memories!  We went to Dominican in the spring, I ran my first duathlon, joined Crossfit, I shot 22 weddings and 29 family portraits and of course added our little Dogo Argentino, Maya to the family (shout out to our wonderful breeder Wayne Dibbley!  Here’s his contact info) and she is growing like a weed!


I couldn’t be more nervous and excited for 2014 to start!  We’ve got exactly 7 weeks to pack up and leave this place and start fresh in a new area.

Speaking of which…

You might be wondering what this means for my photography business.  Well, I couldn’t be more excited to be closer to 3 of Ontario’s major cities: Toronto, Kingston & Ottawa.  I’m looking forward to exploring new venues, new landscape for family portraits and meeting alllllll kinds of new couples planning to tie the knot in those beautiful cities.

So, if you know anyone in those areas looking for a photographer let them know there’s a new kid in town and she’s probably going to have some stellar promotions in the next little bit to help spread her name *winkwink*

I hope everyone has as much to look forward as we do for 2014!  Something tells me this will be an amazing next 365 days, so make them count!





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