A Road Hockey Mississauga Engagement Photography – Angela & Gray

I’ve never understood how something could be so cute you want to eat it… the idea is just strange.

Then I met Angela & Gray and they are just THAT cute together.  They have the kind of relationship every photographer dreams of capturing.  That instant gravitation between a couple were smiles aren’t forced and hand holds aren’t prompted.  Plus they’re a team through and through.  They’re amazing dance partners, travel buddies and the perfect cook and sous chef in the kitchen.  Trust me, I speak from first-hand experience that they can cook a perfect pulled pork to the point where my mouth waters just thinking about it!

It’s been so much fun getting to know them and I cannot wait to see them cut a rug at their own wedding next June!  I have a feeling it’ll be one of those weddings I remember for a long time.

Thanks guys for reminding me that yelling “CAR!”  never seems to get old….


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