Maria & Brett: Toronto Zoo Photos / Eglinton Grand Wedding, Toronto Part I

If you live in South Western Ontario, then you know this winter has been a breeze, especially if you live near the water like I do.  Thing is, it’s also been a breeze when it comes to shovelling snow and there hasn’t been that much of it to deal with.

This year, I booked my first January wedding and I have to say that based on previous January’s, I was nervous to shoot outdoors in the chilly air or think of a backup spot that didn’t require a costly Toronto photography permit if it was too cold to shoot outside.  Luckily, Maria & Brett are brilliant and decided to contact the Toronto Zoo as a possible location to do photos.  There’s plenty of pavilions and it’s pretty quiet / private in the winter time….

To our surprise, they said yes! Mind you, we had to be escorted around on carts and follow the rules regarding timing and what-have-you, but our tour guides were awesome and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing opportunity!  After chatting with our guides, I was told that they encourage people to come to the Zoo in the quiet months (November – March) for photos with the animals / landscapes.  They do require a donation, but that’s only fair for such a great location.

Anyway, Maria & Brett were awesome and I owe a HUGE thanks to Ian Liwanag for his assistance that day!  He took some stellar shots and I’ve included them at the end of this post – they were too good not to share! 😉

Part 2 of Maria & Brett’s day will be shared soon.  So keep an eye out for some more great moments with them celebrating at the Eglinton Grand!

Here’s a few of Ian Liwanag’s take on the day:

BIGGEST of THANK YOU’S to the Toronto Zoo, Ian Liwanag and of course Maria & Brett and their fun wedding party for such a great day!

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