Farm Family Photography, Orangeville Ontario

One of the things I love most about family photography are the repeat clients.  I am a lucky gal to have amazing clients who ask me back every year, sometimes twice a year, to document their pregnancy, their first newborn and eventually their children.  Even this year, I’ve had a couple of my wedding couples ask me not just as their wedding photographer, but their life photographer.  Nothing is more complimentrary than knowing you’ve essentially become a part of their life and their family and they want you around to document all their special moments.  It’s truly an amazing feeling!

To be able to tell the story of a family over the course of several years is truly an honour and I love doing it!  I love when I hear stories of kids who have Picture Day at school and expect me to show up with my camera in hand or when I show up to a 3 year old’s portrait and they welcome me with a hug.  I feel like I’ve become the “Aunt Christine” of the family and the kids end up being so familiar with me, that they know they can be themselves and not have pose with fake smiles.

As a sample of what I’m talking about, here’s a peek into Shannon & Joel’s life.  It started with little Tyler and then we welcomed Kayla.

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