Nova Scotia Photography: The Coast Adventures

It might be overkill to have back to back Nova Scotia blog posts, but I can’t help myself.  I really want to share these fun moments Shaun and I shared while travelling the South Coast from Peggy’s Cove out to Lunenburgh.  Along the way we found some amazing sites and I thought I’d share them in case you ever find yourself in the same shoes as us.

Our first stop before heading out was the Swissair Flight 111 Memorial site just up from Peggy’s Cove.  There is something about this space that gives me goosebumps.  It truly is gorgeous and the perfect spot to place one of the two memorials in remembrance of the 229 passengers that were lost when the plane crashed in the ocean just 8km from shore in 1998.

On the way to Lunenburgh we decided to cruise along the Lighthouse Route and stumbled across some great non-tourist spots to pull over and take photos.  At the first stop we encountered a little bit of thunder and some light rain, which left the air feeling electric…. literally, just check out my Einstein-like hair!

The reflections here were surreal!

After stopping there, we just continued driving along our lighthouse route till we hit Lunenbugh.  You’ll notice from the the photos that Lunenburgh is completely different from anywhere we explored before.  It’s bright and colourful and even kind of cheery looking!  It was cute!


Two things you should do while in Lunenburgh, Nova Scotia:

1. Visit the Ironworks Distillery!  They make their own apple vodka, apple brandy and a variety of tasty fruity liquors aaaand you can sample each and every single one of them!  My personal fav was the kiwi liquor and the apple brandy was good too.  There’s also a Pear Eau de Vie, which was tasty, but burned a bit going down for an 11:00am tasting.

Anyway, the distillery itself has only been there a few years, but they’ve got a great thing going for them!  The Ironworks Distillery is located just off the main drag, away from the craziness, in a little old Blacksmith’s shop.  Everything from the thick wooden beams to the burn marks in the wood floors is original and makes for the perfect setting to taste some homegrown spirits.  If you’re not into the spirits, at least stop by and meet “Bergita”, their German-made still and visit the spot where hardware for the Bluenose was hammered out.

After your tastings, the number 2 thing to do in Lunenburgh (especially if you’re not fish people like us) is to check out The Salt Shaker Deli for a bit to eat. They’ve got some delicious sandwiches and a creative menu that’s not al lobster and fish cakes.

Once you’re done wandering around Lunenburgh, take a quick visit over to The Ovens Natural Park to check out the sea caves.  You can also pan for gold or camp overnight there.  It’s a pretty great spot!  It’s $8/person to visit and about a 45 min hike around the sea caves.  Be sure to check it out when the tide is out.

Hopefully, this blog gives you an idea of all the little places to explore while in Nova Scotia.  If have any questions about what we did and want to pick my brain, just send an email and I’d be happy to help you out:

Happy Trails!


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