Destination Wedding, the aftermath & reception suggestion

Two blog posts ago, I wrote about my destination wedding experience in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  I can’t believe that wedding was already 3 weeks ago!  Time is flying by this summer!

Anyway, since then I’ve realized just how unique destination weddings really are!  They are beautiful and fun and quick!  This is true.  However, the biggest difference is in the attendance.  Typically, an Ontario wedding has give or take 100+ people in attendance.  This number will include both sides of your immediate family, other distant relatives, friends from collage, high-school and even neighbours that you want to share your day with.

When you plan a destination wedding you’ll soon realize that most of those people cannot attend your special day due to finances, family obligations or even health concerns.  Likely you know this before planning, but what happens afterwards??

Often grandparents or important family members miss out on the family photo moments that happen while you’re away tying the knot.

Are you planning a reception for when you get home to celebrate with those who could not attend?  If so, is your photographer who was at the destination wedding going to be there to capture those family moments once you get home?

As you all know, family photos are super important to me and when Derek & Laura asked me to continue capturing those family moments at their reception back home in Perth Ontario, I was more than happy to do so!

I would highly suggest asking your photographer if they offer such a service.  This way everything can be booked in advance and you and your family members won’t have to worry about missing out on those moments both on the island and off.  Plus! You get to wear your wedding dress and celebrate alllll over again, not many brides get that opportunity! 😉

Just a thought.



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