The New England Aquarium, Pier Jumping & How To Eat A Taco in Boston, MA

Since my last post was a loooong rant, I thought this time we’d chill out and talk about my travels to Bawwwston.


If you’re thinking about going to Boston, don’t think – just do it! It’s a GOREOUS city full of history, brick sidewalks, cabbie accents and amazing pub food!

Some Recommendations:

~ Stay in North Boston, there’s more to do.  South Boston is a $20 cab ride one way to downtown and there isn’t much to walk around and see besides parks and food.  East Boston is good for one thing and one thing only (more on that later).

~ Learn the subway system, it’s cheap and easy.  Now, I don’t ‘public transit’.  I just don’t.  I get lost, I get turned around and the heavy bag of change I carry around with me screams: “mug me!”  However, Boston subways are easy to get around and the bus to and from the airport is $2, so that’s a win. 🙂

~ Go To The New England Aquarium! Seriously!  Especially if you’re planning a trip there soon, because the giant tank they have in the centre of the Aquarium which houses two sharks and other giant undersea creatures is being repaired this summer and won’t be complete till next year around February-ish.

~Eat at these places:
Mike’s City Diner (great bacon!! And tell “Vick” that “the girl with the giant pink suitcase” sent you,
Anchovies (great fries & atmosphere),
Jose McIntyre’s (great Mexican)
Regina Pizzeria (great Pizza!)


Now, let me tell you something about the Boston Aquarium that you don’t know: Shaun loves underwater stuff! I totally dig the wet critters too, but he LOVES this stuff.  So how could we go to Boston and not check out the Aquarium!?….. or be the first in line the morning of, even!

Touching a Stingray is a pretty cool feeling.

Got to watch the shark feeding, where they put squid on a stick.  Seems simple enough….

These seahorses were near impossible to photograph due to their rounded glass enclosure.  This was the best I could get.  I have to say, they are out of this world!!

One of MY personal favourite moments, playing with the starfish 🙂


We literally spent the WHOLE day there!  Once you pay, you get this sweet stamp on your hand that allows you to come and go throughout the day.  So once we got hungry, we headed across the street to Jose McIntyre’s for some chicken and pulled pork tacos.  Any food that spills all over is a total win for me, as you can tell by the photos. 🙂

After our day at the Aquarium we headed to East Boston.  Why?  Well, Boston is separated by the harbour.  On the one side of the harbour is the skyline, the other side (East Boston) is the airport.  Naturally, being a little location scouter, I figured to get sunset photos of the skyline, I would need to go to East Boston!  While out there we encountered the best natural light and decided to have a little photo shoot while waiting for the sun to set.

WARNING: If you do this, grab a cab before the sun goes completely down and hide your camera.  It’s not a tourist friendly area.

Special thanks to Shaun for taking these fun shots of me.  He’s getting to be a pretty good shooter! 😉

He was kind to even capture this whole embarassing jumping moment for me…..

I love this man:

Till next time Boston!  Thank’s the memories 🙂

Next up? I’m off to Dominican Republic for this couple’s awesome destination wedding!  CAN’T WAIT!



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