Limes, Rhymes and Meeting Jasmine Star in Boston, MA

Is it really already April 2012!?  When did that happen!?

Oh, I know when it happened!  It happened while I was coming down from my Ignite Waterloo 8 high, photographing limes and meeting Jasmine Star in Boston, MA.  March was a busy one for me, filled with epiphanies and inspiration. As such, I have a lot to say, so hang tight and read on, because today I type for myself.

Let’s start with Ignite Waterloo:

First of all, what an honour to speak freely about my year long full time photo-journey in front of so many people!  Secondly, to have my speech received with such a positive response has literally blown my mind!!!  I knew I had the support of family and friends, but every one’s response to my video, has me completely humbled!  To everyone who took the time out to comment, message, call, email and share the link: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, because that means my message reached you and either made you smile or encouraged you in some way.  To stir up that kind of emotion in people is an amazing feeling.  I hope my speech continues to inspire you folks to pursue your dreams because it’s totally worth it!  I know, I’ve been through it!

In case you have NO idea what I’m talking about, here you go:


On to inspirational moment #2:

Meeting Jasmine Star during her USA tour called TheFix was a total highlight for me.  In my first year of full time photography, Jasmine was a source of encouragement for me.

I’m going to speak frankly for a minute here:

Every office has it’s politics, whether you’re a CEO, a construction worker or a photographer.  Drama doesn’t disappear because you’re not sitting in a cubical.  In fact, it’s worse because you’re trying to befriend protective creative business owners.  It’s a competitive field and every one’s a photographer these days.  The catch: you want to friend these people because you know you have something in common with them….. but at the same time, you might not have anything in common after all.  This process sucks because it requires you putting yourself out there and possibly getting rejected.

The entrepreneurial ‘sandbox’ requires the same thing as the physical kids’ sandbox at the park:  You have to have the fancy shiny toys to attract the fancy shiny friends.

Jasmine Star taught me that I don’t need to speak like a MIT graduate, I don’t have to own a Nikon D4 (although I will eventually) and I don’t need to be someone I’m not.  At the same time, she also taught me that I need to dress better while photographing a wedding, I need to be smarter with my time and I need to laugh.  More important, Jasmine taught me that my ‘sandbox’ is just as fun, even if my toys include a “lesser quality” bucket and shovel, because I can build things that mean something to me.  If other people ‘dig’ what I’m building, then awesome – let’s grow it together!  If you think what I’m building is lame, then that’s cool too – I’mma gonna to do it anyway.

I’ve heard some people speak about Jasmine in a negative tone and I’m totally fine with people voicing their opinion, but you can’t deny that her sandbox is hers and she’s owning it.  That’s the spirit I admire.

Dear Photography Friends, level with me here:  I know you’re not booking weddings everyday, I know you have days when you say “I just can’t today” and pop in a season of Breaking Bad while uncorking a bottle of red.  I know you travel in the winter time because waiting for inquiries to trickle through in the off-season is depressing.  We’re all in the same boat here and if you think you’re in a different boat, then remember this:

A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

We’re not better than each other, so let’s better each other.  Our industry is what we make it, remember that.

The next time someone reaches out to you, respond!
The next time someone asks for help, assist!
The next time someone asks to go for a coffee it’s because they need it, so pour it!
I promise I’ll do the same for you 🙂

Okay, Okay…. enough with the rant and frank-speak, time for something random & fun.  I took some quirky photos of a lime to kill time while photos were uploading/downloading.  My sister brought this dried up lime home a while ago and asked me to work my magic.  At first I laughed, then I looked at it and decided she might be on to something and in a quirky way, there’s some personality there. lol

Posting these has made me thirsty for a little icy summer beverage…..

OH ya!  One More Photo! 😀




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