Bruce Power Beach Party, Kincardine, Ontario

This summer has been amazing!  I’ve been so busy with weddings, family portraits and fashion shoots.  So, when I had a free weekend in July I quickly escaped to one of my favourite places in Ontario: Kincardine.

Kincardine, Ontario is one of my favourite places for so many reasons.  I mean, there’s the beach, the sunsets, my amazing boyfriend and on this particular weekend the Bruce Power Beach Party.  For those with families, the Bruce Power Beach Party weekend means a weekend filled with events such as sandcastle building and of course the fireworks.  For more information on this annual event, check here:

After spending some much needed time on the beach, we packed up and headed to Port Elgin, Ontario to watch the Bruce Power fireworks over the water.  If you ask me, it’s a pretty spectacular setting for fireworks.

Also, the sunsets in Kincardine, Ontario are some of my favourite:

They even look great in black and white:

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