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All of my wedding couples inspire me.  In fact if we’ve worked together, you should know that I always take something away from your wedding as inspiration for my own wedding some day.  This being said, it’s safe to say that Natalie & Kevin’s lakefront cottage wedding at the Serenity Cottage along the Georgian Bay, near Owen Sound is something I would totally do too!

The idea of a destination wedding in Ontario is just as exciting as an overseas wedding for me.   Getting married on the lake with your closest family and friends enjoying some amazing food (Culinary Designs by Season Leone) in such a scenic area is a fun little way to make your wedding day into a wedding weekend holiday.  Plus, they have an adorable Boxer who is family to them and I think it’s cool that he was able to attend as the ring bearer.  Not many venues would allow that….

Something else that’s special about this wedding:  I have known Natalie for as long as I can remember.  She has always supported my career in photography from day one – she even helped me build my wedding portfolio many years ago while modeling a wedding dress in the middle of winter (she’s really pretty inside and out, so she was great to work with).  To have our friendship come full circle like this is pretty cool and I am so excited to finally share these images.

A few credits to the amazing vendors involved:

Cake – The Flour Studio in Toronto (Eglinton)

Flowers – Tulip by Leuk in Collingwood

Wedding Dress – Amy Kushcel – Cassidy (found at Mrs. Bridals Boutique in Yorkville)

Groom’s Suit – Harry Rosen – Munro

Make-Up Artist – Katie Ballantyne Makeup Artist

Natalie even had an amazing singer show up to accompany her playing Billy Joel’s “Lullaby” on piano for her parents.  His name is Jamie Smith and he’s from the Collingwood area.

There were so many great details to the day and I could go on, but instead I’ll just show you the photos and you can see for yourself why this wedding gets me excited.



I don’t know if it’s because I am thick of wedding season or the fact that it’s been the hottest summer since I can remember, but I am totally day dreaming about the beaches in Cayo Coco, Cuba and realized I haven’t blogged this wedding yet!  So let’s fix that right meow…

This past January, I had the pleasure of travelling down to the Memories Flamenco Beach Resort in Cayo Coco, Cuba to photograph Sydney & Jamie’s destination wedding.

I’m not sure what I was more excited for:  To experience the Cuban beaches with a beautiful subject to photograph, or to finally meet my online friend and the talented lady behind Sydney Blaire Photography (based out of Wawota, Saskatchewan).  Funny story:  I have been following Sydney’s social media feeds for nearly 7 or 8 years now, I liked her photography, her creative baby bump updates, her renovation updates, then photos of her beautiful baby and motherhood, and finally her journey back into photography (it’s not stalking if she liked my updates too, right?!?!).  Anyway, we never actually met until the week of her wedding in Cuba.  The internet is a crazy, crazy place and it may seem like it was an odd setup, but I knew we would be great in person and the bonus part??  The rest of her family is just as fun!

We all spent a week together on an island, living off pizza, fries, maybe something that was beef (?) water and beer.  It doesn’t matter, we all knew Cuba wasn’t known for their food – it was all about the beaches and the greenery and having fun in the sun.

It’s been some time since I looked at these photos, and you would never know from the photos that it rained on their wedding day.  Although we did manage to catch some tiny rays of sunshine here and there, this is a solid family and they celebrated how most Canadians would: ignoring the weather, lots of beverages, a plate full of food and blaring the Tragically Hip during dinner (they had access to the restaurant’s speaker, so naturally this needed to happen).

I cannot thank Sydney & Jamie enough for allowing me to be a part of their day.  It was truly a fun experience that resulted in some of my favourite images taken so far this year.  Now, if you’ll excuse me I have catch up with Sydney’s latest project:  Building Baby #2!

Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-29Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-26Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-25Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-27Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-28Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-24Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-01Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-02Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-03Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-04Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-05Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-06Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-07Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-08Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-09Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-10Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-11Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-12Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-13Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-14Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-16Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-17Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-18Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-19Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-20Memories Cayo Coco Cuba Destination Wedding Photographer-23

This backyard country wedding in Perth was a special one because these two beautiful people are family to me.

There are two things that really make a photographer’s palms sweat:  Photographing another photographer’s event, and photographing your own family events/weddings.  You always want to do a good job with every client, but when it comes to family it’s more emotional and you want to be everywhere at once to capture everything AND you want to enjoy the event – it’s a juggling act.  That’s why I recruited the hard working and equally talented Gerald McGrath to help me out with this one – check out his work, he’s brilliant!  Gerald worked with the boys, while I captured the girls and once dinner time started, I let him take over.  I wouldn’t do that with just anyone and I’m glad he was there to help me out.

The day started off with a little rain… okay, a lot of rain and the smells of pork slow roasting in the backyard (aka: dinner).  The good news is that the rain stopped JUST before the ceremony and the sun came out just as they started to say their vows.  It was a magical moment none of us will forget, especially us photographers wondering what would do for photos if it kept raining…

It may have been a little windy, but that didn’t stop us from heading to Jordan’s Bridge at Christie Lake for some fun photos near Cory’s childhood home.  Despite the mud, Nicole rocked her dress through it all and I love that about her.  More brides shouldn’t be afraid to wear their dress through everything.  Truth be told:  In my 9 years of shooting weddings, have yet to see a clean wedding dress by the end of the night.  Plus, it made for a killer first dance shot!

I am so glad I was able to do this for them, and can’t thank Gerald enough for his help in capturing some of these moments.  These are all memories our family will cherish for many years to come.




It’s no secret that country weddings, especially those on a family farm, hold some of my favourite moments to capture, but today’s post is extra special and I had a really hard time narrowing the photos I wanted to share.

I’ve known Adam and his brothers since high school.  We’ve done school projects, walked the streets of Shelburne, gone for joy rides, and watched each other grow up.  When Adam found Meghan and asked me to capture their wedding day on their family farm in Grand Valley, I was more than excited to help them out and take a trip down memory lane while capturing new ones.

As you know, I really encourage couples to take a time out during the wedding day.  A moment were they can just take it all in together.  A wedding day moves so fast, I feel it’s important to step away and just connect during the day, even just for a moment.  Adam and Meghan had the best spot to do that!  Just down the road from the farm was the spot where Adam proposed, what better way to escape and get some photos than a spot that holds a lot of meaning for them.  We ended up making one of my favourite photos there – the first photo in this post.

Their day included so many great ideas:  a caterer that grilled everything on site and served salad out of a hollowed out log, hand crafted personalized cutting boards made by Adam for the guests as favours, a bug spray basket (something every county summer wedding needs), and the wonderful Al Harder drove all the way out to marry them (one of my favourite officiants to work with).  A special shout out even goes to their German Shepherd who was with us the whole day – I love when dogs can attend their humans’ wedding too!

I hope you enjoy their images as much as I did taking them.



I loved Heather & Matt’s Royal Military College fall wedding!  It was my first time being able to use the City of Kingston as my backdrop and we could pretty much go anywhere because the light was that perfect cloudy filtered light that makes the colours pop and eyes less squinty – my favourite kind of day to work with (next to the golden hour of course).  Some photographers will disagree, but I really dig it.

While the girls got ready in the country (be sure to check out the back of Heather’s dress – one of my favourite details of the day), the boys had a cozy room at The Hochelaga Inn just down the street from Chalmers United Church, where they would walk to for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we walked down the street for some… ok LOTS of photos on the steps of the Kingston Court House, then we decided to warm up with a quick pint (or two) at The Merchant Tap House.

Something you should know about me and how I work:  I’m a big fan of couples taking a “time out” on their wedding day to enjoy a moment of unscripted fun.  Sure there is a schedule in place, but during that hour or so that we’re together for photos, I’ll encourage you to take a walk, breathe, talk, grab a snack, or even a pint.  It’s supposed to be a fun day and not everything has to be scheduled to the minute – besides, it makes for some great memories of the day and eases the stress of having people grabbing at you all day.

I’m so glad Heather & Matt asked me to capture their day and I hope your inspired by their photos to plan a day as fun as theirs was.